Pavel's Mission As "Bono"

  • Who is Pavel as Bono

    Pavel has been hearing that he resembled Bono since 1979, when Pavel was 14 and Bono 19 years old. Listening to the October album was cathartic for him. The Joshua Tree came out and the world was set ablaze of the relationship of Pavel and U2 forever
    He works very meticulously. to maintain the current looks of Bono whereby he engages U2 fans and non fans alike. He has also become friends with many of U2's friends all over the world. Pavel is constantly stopped for photos and conversation. Spreading the love is his motto.
    Pavel is also an accomplished photographer, writer, artist, gardener and cook. He has a cd out of his own piano compositions heavily influenced by many Classical period composers.

  • U2 Tribute Band

    Pavel has been performing with his Los Angeles based U2 tribute band since 2003. Because of his popularity, he has also fronted many national and international U2 tribute bands during their tours throughout the world. His U2 tribute act brings an extraordinary high level of energy that engages audiences to sing and dance their hearts out. Each band member is a consummate U2 fan and aspires to bringing each show memories both wonderfully engaging and unforgettable.

  • Humanitarian Work

    Much like Bono himself, Pavel has been heavily involved in humanitarian work. Pavel has used his knowledge and talents in many fields, helping rebuild homes following many natural disasters for the underprivileged throughout the USA, he has spent time in orphanages in many countries, including the 1991 summer working with handicapped orphans in Romania. Before leaving the country, he built a playground for 300 orphans.
    He used his musical and photography talents to help with fundraisers for many non-profit humanitarian organizations. At this point, Pavel has been focusing much of his energy on creating food and energy systems that can be used for many applications. He is committed to building aquaponics systems in both 3rd world and US urban areas. He is actively involved in several charitable organizations that continue their strive to making this world a better place.

  • Event Appearances

    Pavel specializes in the current looks of Bono...including wardrobe, glasses, rosaries, shoes etc. Bono as even called Pavel his "official double". He makes regular appearances both in television and films throughout the USA and internationally and even sometimes at the approval and request of Bono himself. He is has a wonderful tribute band, performs to U2 tracks, and perform with an acoustic guitar at weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, fundraisers, corporate and private special events. Pavel is also an ordained minister and can perform weddings. Yes, weddings. Simply submit contact form below with your event information and make your next event unforgettable!

Feedback & Testimonials

  • "Mr Bono, I've been a big fan for many years! Nice to meet you."

    Vuk Jeremic, President of the United Nations

  • "Come on, tell me. Does Bono have you work for him as his double? I can't tell you two apart."

    Todd M. (Executive Film Producer)

  • "You look good!"

    Bono (From the stage of U2 concert as he approaches and accepts Pavel's rosary)

  • "Pavel! You are my favorite, that's why I have you back!"

    Carlos S (CEO of a multi billion dollar company)

  • "What you did for those soldiers was wonderful. You are a beautiful person. You made their lives that much better."

    Catherine Baker Knoll (Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania)

Photo Gallery

  • August 2015

    August 2015

  • Doing charity work

    Doing charity work

  • With Gavin Rossdale

    With Gavin Rossdale

  • With Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)

    With Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)

  • U2 tribute performance

    U2 tribute performance

  • On stage as

    On stage as "Bono"

  • You be the judge

    You be the judge

  • Pavel Sfera

    Pavel Sfera

  • Fans


  • Singing at a wedding

    Singing at a wedding

  • On stage as

    On stage as "Bono"

  • On stage as

    On stage as "Bono"

  • With

    With "Achtung Babies" tribute band

  • With a guest

    With a guest

  • Singing U2 songs as

    Singing U2 songs as "Bono"

  • With fans

    With fans

  • On stage as

    On stage as "Bono"

  • Pavel at a youth event

    Pavel at a youth event

  • With Marylin impersonator

    With Marylin impersonator

Video Gallery

  • Motorola Mexico Commercial

  • Bono meets Pavel at 2011 concert

  • Ford Edge Commercial

  • Pavel Sfera as "Bono" with Vegas U2

  • News interview and performance 2011

  • Web journalist tying to smear Bono

  • Film doubling per Bono's request

  • Galway, Ireland joining the locals

  • Jane Goodall fundraiser, 1/14/2014

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